About Us

The Fisher family has been active in Agriculture in Madrid since coming to the area from Scotland in 1822. The current Jones Road farm site was purchased by Floyd & Millie Fisher in 1946 at the estate auction of Wallace Jones. The farm had 22 stalls for dairy cows and was remodeled to 40 stalls when the family moved in 1947.

Max and Barbara Fisher joined the family business in 1962. A double 3 milking parlor and free stall housing was introduced in 1965, allowing the farm to grow to 80 milk cows. In 1969 Jerry Fisher returned to the farm and at that time another barn was added and the parlor expanded to a double 6, allowing cow numbers to grow to 120.

David joined the farm in 1984, with barns and the "old" parlor built in stages until 1998, which accommodated about 600 cows at the time LouAnne King added her herd of 70. The next 10 years saw steady increases of facilities and land, and John Kingston joined the business in 2006, prior to the 2008 construction of a double 24 parlor.

The herd was approximately 1,900 cows in 2012 when Jordan Fisher joined the family at Mapleview. Jacob Fisher returned in 2014 and by year-end, the herd of 2,350 cows was supported on approximately 4,500 acres of cropland.

With successful herd care and reproduction, we continued to see growth. In 2016 we expanded to add a herd of Jersey cows to our farm, then in 2017 we consolidated our boarded heifers all to one location in Nicholville – Forest View Heifers. We now milk about 2,700 cows on the main farm and 500 Jersey cows just down the road along with managing 5,000 acres of cropland and 3,200 heifers.

Throughout the growth of this family business, our goals have not changed.

​Our family of businesses are committed to being the best possible stewards of land, animals, and people through cooperation and dedicated teamwork. We are always looking for the right people to join our team- contact us for an application!